48 Hours on Isla Mujeres – MEXICO TRAVEL GUIDE 2019 | BETTER Than CANCUN?!?

We spent 48 plus hours on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.A guide to some of the coolest places on the island. We take you to some of the top places to visit while you’re on the island. Even though most come for a day trip from Cancun, we try to give you many things to do and try when you visit this incredible island.

Is this place better than the Cancun beaches?? We bring you the Ultimate Experience in 4K.

It’s absolutely one of the best beaches and best experiences we’ve had in Mexico. Some of the prettiest and clearest water we’ve ever seen without (sin) the smelly problematic seaweed called Sargassum ( Sargazo) and we literally got to SWIM with the fish.

We’ll take you to one of the BEST restaurants on the island, including, the BEST local spots for the famous Tikin Xic fish( We even get their top chef to show us how it’s famously prepared)…. and of course we just had to show you why this island is known for one of the best beaches and MOST incredible Sunrises/Sunsets.

We also explore one of the most incredible establishments that help rescue stray and abandoned dogs and has turned this non profit into a house of love for these rescues. – www.islaanimals.org

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